How to become psychologically resilient (1)…

23 Sep 2020

I thought a brief reminder of some of the things we know about being resilient might be helpful.

Ironically, we don’t increase our resilience by feeling good but by getting better at feeling bad. The idea is to try and change your negative feelings into more helpful ones. Resilience is the ability to create positive adaptations to negative events. It’s the ability to take experiences like feeling anger or hurt and make them helpful and productive for you.

one method for doing this is ‘care about something other than oneself. For example, it’s natural to feel hurt when someone is being nasty to you. But thinking of them you might say “That’s unlike you, you must be feeling very upset to say something like that. Anything I can do to help?”.

Can you think of examples you use to try and change how you are feeling by caring more about something other than yourself? Or other hints that help you be more resilient?


Adrian x

The Moodscope Team

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