How will you change your day?

6 May 2016

So having smugly scored 70s for several months, the bubble has burst...

I've shouted at the kids, gorged on Chinese, failed to exercise and burst into floods of tears. So what am I going to do?

Well, on past history I get depressed, but that's old news. What can I do?

I have spent the last few days looking after everyone else... my kids, one with a broken arm, a friend who is building her life after divorce, a cheating husband and my friends who are students who are desperate to be reunited with their daughter aged 5 who is in a refugee camp in Turkey.

What I failed to factor in was PMT. Yes pretty simple and apologies to male readers, as I get older, it gets worse and my moods are monumental.

So what is going to be done differently?

One, let's face it, it won't last long.

Two, it's not been the best weekend, but I have managed to plant a silver foxglove, peony and clematis and enjoyed pottering round the garden when my kids were still asleep in bed. So - I can appreciate the good things I have done.

Three, tomorrow is a new day. It's going to be grim so I will have to rejig my plans. I wanted to climb the local hills (yes, we do have hills in Birmingham), but maybe just a trip to the gym?

So dear reader, how will you change the day if it's not going well?

Did I fail to mention the hour I lay in bed sulking? That was good for me too!

Well, you need to know - it's not all plain sailing but it is doable....

Brum Mum

A Moodscope member.

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