How would you react?

23 Dec 2016

How do you deal with a bad situation?

It happened just recently, I was mugged! Fortunately the little twits got away with nothing, but I ended up with an injured knee and a very sore hand (from slapping the one twit!)

I thought I had just bruised my knee and by the next morning it would just be tender and bruised! Ha ha, I hardly got any sleep and my knee was three times its normal size and hurt like mad! I ended up on crutches!

My colleagues and people around me were laughing at me and making "hob-a-long" jokes and telling me how slow I was! I had a choice, I could have taken offence, or laughed and joked with them! I decided to take the second route as I did see it as being funny and yes, sometimes things said as a joke can hurt one, but sometimes people don't know exactly how to be sympathetic of ones injuries!

Everyone reacts in a different way to situations. Some have cool thinking heads in emergencies, others will panic and be all over the place - some will try and make the emergency about them and others will be bystanders! Not everyone can deal with emergencies, especially when there is blood or someone is in pain, this does not make one uncompassionate! Some, who are bystanders, offer the greatest help of all by being there holding the door open for the injured and helping carry things for the person!

It is the same when we are having "one of those days!". People who do not suffer with Bipolar, Depression, PTD, whatever we may call it, respond differently to it! I often get told to "Snap out of it!" or to "Grow up!". I wish it was that easy, but it's not! As each of you know and understand we need to deal with it and get over it in our own way! But there are many ways to deal with it:

1. Run after everyone who tells us to "Snap out of it" with a baseball bat and beat them! (Please don't do this!)

2. Look at them and try to explain the feelings we are feeling!

3. Look at them as if they are stupid, say nothing and then walk away.

4. Pretend that nothing is wrong and then go sit by yourself.

5. Scream and Shout and make it into a drama that could win an Oscar! Or

6. Find a bed and sleep it away!

Whichever way you wish to deal with your bad day, remember that there are pros and cons!

I can't tell you how to deal with a situation as each of us is different! But there is one thing we can all do, and that is to support each other and be available for each other.


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