I Am

22 Jul 2018

I listen to a lot of motivational recordings – watch 'em too. They energise me.

Walking or standing in my local vineyard – when I'm there alone at dawn or dusk – energises me too.

Then there's the shower – my hotspot for inspiration and renewal. The joy of living water revitalises my soul.

Where you do you go, and what do you do to get revitalised, re-energised, recreated?

One of my motivational presenters suggested that the life we are living today is the life we spoke about yesterday. He wasn't being nice. He was having a go. But it was a good go. It was tough love. He drew my attention to language like, "I'm afraid."

His examples resonated with me. A simple question like, "Can you come to the meeting on Thursday?" would formerly produce a response from me such as, "I'm afraid not." What's there to be afraid of? Let's break that one down into its components: "I Am Afraid Not."

Not making it to a meeting is not an appropriate cause for fear. A hungry tiger about to pounce on us is.

He mentioned other strange phrases we accept without challenge, for example:

"Killer" – as in, "That was a killer message you shared."

"Scared me to death" – or, if you're lucky, "Half scared me to death!"

"Wicked" – used to mean "Good"!

"Tired" and "Knackered" and "Exhausted"...

Hey, I can feel my energy dropping just writing those sapping words.

His point? Speak words full of life, not words of fear and death, and the lively words will give you energy AND a better future. It's what he believes, and I like it.

So, I'm positively watching what comes out of my mouth, ESPECIALLY after the words, "I am..."

Here's a dare.

Write 17 positive "I Am..." statements and share three of them in the comments.

3 examples from me:

I am becoming wiser with every new lesson learned.

I am increasingly open to new opportunities.

I am deeply committed to encouraging everyone I meet.

I made the number 17 up, or at least that was the number that came into my head.

But who knows, perhaps the Universe is trying to help us here? I am confident that is the case!

Can't wait to read three of yours!

Go on... I dare you!


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