I am not sorry for…

28 Jul 2021

Recently I wrote a blog about when is an apology a non-apology or an ifpology?

It looked at how some people apologise but don’t mean it. Years ago, I wrote a blog about how I feel compelled to say sorry, even when I have nothing to be sorry for.

I came across an article about people saying what they are not sorry for.

Now this is a challenge for me as I tend to say sorry, but I found it revealing.


I am not sorry for respecting people who disagree with me.

I am not sorry for being angry at the injustices in the world.

I am not sorry for having my own opinions even if that annoys others.

I am not sorry being sensitive and caring about others.

I am not sorry for trying not to apologise for being myself anymore.

I am not sorry for standing up for people who need help even when others don’t understand.

Some may think this is a negative exercise but for me, it showed me things I felt strongly either personally or socially.


I am hoping you will finish the line:

I am not sorry for ….

and see what it reveals.

You can write a few lines or more depending on how those words inspire you.



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