I am struggling

11 Jun 2020

These past couple months have been a massive rollercoaster for many of us. Being separated from friends and family, being told not to go to work and to only leave the house for a few reasons have really taken their toll. Some day’s have been great, spending time with family, going for runs/walks and having more time at home has been nice. However, it has also been really difficult. Not being able to take the kids anywhere, cancelling plans and day trips we had been looking forward to, trying to homeschool them while working from home and not being able to see family and friends has been so stressful.

Mentally I am really struggling now. I feel on edge all the time wondering if the kids are going to erupt into a full on wrestling match or screaming session. They understand a bit why we can’t go out but they are still only young and can’t fully grasp it. All they want to do is see their cousins who live close by. Even with the lockdown easing it is still difficult. There is still no school for them or going to work for me. It is relentless, there is no break or relief from the daily battles we are having. Then you look on social media and see people wonderful photos of their family looking happy and having a great time, seemingly living their best life but I know it’s not like that all the time for them. Yet, it still messes with my head, makes me feel even more low about myself and family.

I know this will end and I know people are in worse situations than us but it is still hard. Everyone has their own battles to face, their own storms they are in. Give yourselves a break and don’t be too hard on yourself.


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