I believe in you all...

3 May 2014

Why do people say "If you're ever feeling down, pop by for a coffee". Really? When I saw you at school last week you walked straight by me as if I didn't exist. Is this just my loneliness coming through or am I sending out bad vibes?

One thing I have decided is that social networking is not good for people with depression or any other mental health problems. I got so fed up of feeling low because people didn't like my posts, or jealousy, seeing what I assumed to be people living the perfect life, or the not so perfect life maybe!

You added me on Facebook, but when I see you in the street you act as if you dont know me?! Nothing has achieved the feat of making me feel quite so lonely as Facebook has managed to, so I decided to do something about it.

I have now been Facebook free for the best part of a week and I am so glad. I just wish it had been sooner! I am so looking for a buddy and have now taken to replacing 'Fakebook' efforts with a blog to you guys; the real, decent people who truly understand...I believe in you all...

Did I just blog my feelings today? Erm I think I just did :) Although this isn't twitter, I just want to say #massiveacheivement.


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