I can't stop hoping and dreaming.

13 Aug 2016

These days I tell myself life doesn't get any better than this. Five years ago I met a really perfect man and my life has been like a fairy tale.... Oh yeah I am 47! So an old bride was I.

So, now, the other side of little ole me. I have suffered from depression all my life even as a child , however I do believe my sadness as a child was because my father was killed when I was only 3, leaving a bitter mother and five other siblings. As for me, I was the second youngest, a withdrawin child. I can remember being sad at that age, but I cannot remember anything else about that time, especially my father.

Anyhow, moving swiftly on - I was born with many talents - anything I try I am normally quite good at, (big head eh!!) however, I was born with a few particular talents - acting, singing and dancing, also drawing. So, tell me why at this stage in my life, do I still believe that some day I will be on a big stage receiving the applause I feel belongs to me.

I can't stop hoping and dreaming. As Kylie Minogue says "I just can't get you out of my head". But I cannot seem to do it! I will fill my time with anything - work, cleaning, drawing, any little projects other than what is in my heart.

What am I so afraid of? What's the problem?


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