I feel.

22 Feb 2014

Life as a highly sensitive soul isn't straight forward. Often I just want the mind to hush and my heart to stop feeling so intensely.

Were there to be a pathology report on my heart I'm sure they would struggle to lift it intact. It would be like trying to get a biscuit you've dunked in your tea that moment too long, out, whole. It would simply disintegrate. And what of my brain? It would show signs of great wear and tear from the constant analysis. It would sag in parts where the anxiety has driven, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. And my gut would reveal rawness and bruising. Such is the sensitivity I feel in life. Everything can feel like a kick to the solar plexus.

Maybe you too feel that you wish you'd been born with some kind 'Fragile, handle with care,' notice.

If you buy one book on psychology, I hope it's 'Dibs, in Search of Self.' It's a moving, true story book about a disturbed young boy and how he comes to terms with the complex world about him through play therapy. At our core though, are we not all little children in some way, trying to glue together tiny, broken pieces of the little boy or girl inside? This is surely why the book resonates with so many.

As Dibs starts to heal he exults in his sensitivities and feelings. 'However I feel.' He rejoices, 'However I feel, I will be.'... He walked around the playroom, patting his chest and calling out, 'I, I, I, I,...I am Dibs...I can do things. I like Dibs. I like me.'

The author and psychotherapist, Virginia M. Axline, who treated Dibs says: '...many times we have little control over those (outside) elements, but if we learn to utilize our inner resources, we carry our security with us.'

We can carry our own security with us. Just dwell on that for a moment. Now isn't that something worthy of attaining? Imagine how much happier we'd feel and how much healthier our relationships would be if we all carried our own inner security.

So, no matter how sensitive or fragile we may feel, know that it is okay to feel. Be like Dibs. When asked: 'And how does that make you feel?' 'Like that,' he said. 'I feel'.


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