I have serious Heart problems…

26 Apr 2021

Angina, Atrial Flutter, Aortic Heart Valve partially blocked, three blocked Arteries. Tests at two hospitals, confirmed serious urgent Triple Bypass diagnosis.

They wanted me in for Surgery last month.

Much to the reactions of both hospital Surgeons, I have rejected the Heart Bypass, for two reasons:

1 They want to put in a Mechanical Valve, and a Pacemaker, both of which need replacing in 10 years... They say they can cure all my heart issues.

2 But there is a risk, no matter how small, of Heart Failure. Or worse, paralysed by stroke upper or lower body or both. That is a risk I'm not prepared to take at this stage!

But the hospitals have been advised that If I have serious heart pain, then I will 'Blue Light' to hospital for this Triple Bypass!

As an alternative course of action, I spoke with a Dr Caldwell B Esselstyne of The Cleveland Ohio Clinic, a retired heart surgeon of 30 years, whose book 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease' suggests an alternative method (diet) to Invasive Surgery, which I bought. I emailed him the full seriousness of these tests from both hospitals.

This Doctor Esselstyn gets rejects from American Hospitals, where they say they cannot do anything more for the patients. He gets them well, recovered and living a healthy lifestyle once more. 

My wife and I have been on his recommended Diet for 3 months, (since these tests).

I know I am taking a calculated risk... but my decision is safeguarded in two ways....

If I live long enough, then I hope to emerge healthy.

Both Surgeon's want me to see them in FOUR months, I said "I'll be there, if I'm still alive!"

To date, after heart and left arm pain for 13 years, 3 stents, 2 strokes, a TIA, and a blocked carotid artery surgery in 2018, I have absolutely no pain at all!

I just can't believe how well I am feeling....

But, forever the optimist, we'll see which way the coin lands…

The reason I am writing about this here is that this diet has also been known to cure Diabetes, Ovarian, Prostrate, and bowel cancers, Dementia and other associated physical and Mental issues including depression.

Dave xx

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