I love Moodscope.

14 May 2016

I love the daily emails and yet I rarely comment or feedback.

Today, instead of just taking all your help and inspiration I thought I'd drop you a wee note to say I'm out here.

I've made my own 'silent' connections with the regular contributors. I genuinely connect to something every single day. Even if it's just a sense of oooft but for the grace of god I'm not facing that challenge you've shared about, or I remember I felt like that. Or, gosh that's exactly what I'm dealing with. Or sometimes it's a nudge and a reminder to stop or start something to improve my current conditions.

Anyway - I'm sure there thousands of others like me. I'll speak for myself now when I say THANK YOU for being part of my life.

For me, it's about continued recovery. A journey which has seen me make tons of progress. I've learned so much about myself and ways to keep myself well.

You see, I've worked out that there is no coincidence. Doing the right things definitely reaps the rewards. Sometimes it's hard to keep the momentum going but that's only human.

I firmly believe if we honestly and rigorously review things we can see the tools/practices that we have let slip and by putting back in place, with patience, the equilibrium will return.

I have a full and overflowing toolkit which equips me to handle most (if not all) situations life will put in my path. If I use my programme, do my daily readings and meditation and use my other CBT tools I can find my way back.


Sometimes the chemicals get out of balance or there's a blind spot and all of the above just isn't enough to turn it round. And I'm very fortunate to have a support network and a therapist that I'm not afraid to make contact with again to help me find my way.

Sending you all positive hugs for a great day filled with sunshine.

Carol Anne

A Moodscope member.

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