I never thought I would but I did

16 Nov 2019

Please tell me about something you never thought you would, but you did.

It can be trying a new food, going to a place, or doing something adventurous you vowed you never would.

If anyone has read some of my blogs you would know I am hopeless at any sport. To say I was lacking in any team sport skills was an understatement.

At school I was not only last person picked, but often I was never picked and I sat and watched.

I would rather do housework, which I do not like, than play sport.

So fast forward to when I went to study after leaving school. I knew no-one and found this new freedom overwhelming. At orientation day I met this friendly girl who asked me to join a team sports club. I told her about my lack of skills but she said this was the friendliest club that had the best parties and I would meet lots of people.

So I joined and had a miserable year as I was the worst player and never went to any party as club members said you should have been here last year.

It was a very cliquey club.

What did I learn? I learnt to not be swayed by someone telling you to try something you feel uncomfortable with.

That is my story what is yours?

Please feel free to share anything that at one time you thought you never would, but you did.

You may be glad you did what you did and it may have changed your life.


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