I wished I had learnt …

3 Jun 2021

How often have you said or heard someone sigh and say I wish I had learnt to play an instrument, learned a language, learned how to cartwheel, build, cook, sing, paint, etc

This can happen at any age from your 20s till your 90s and older.

I had a man in his 90s come into my shop and bought a book on how to speak German, as he had always wanted to but not managed to do it.

I knew a woman in her 80s who wanted to learn the piano as her parents could not afford lessons when she was a young girl. Her family thought she was being silly but there was a piano at her retirement village, and she arranged for one of the residents, a trained piano teacher, to give her lessons. She will never be a concert pianist, but she can play a few songs and entertain her friends.

I wished I had learnt more French after I left school. I also wished I had learnt to drive when younger as it has influenced my life and relationships. I also wish I had learned magic tricks and to do a cartwheel and the splits.

It is a very long list! I may reveal more later…

I would like to know is there something you wish you had learnt and why?

Do you think it is too late to learn that skill?


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