Ice cream in the wind 

21 Aug 2021

I admit I’m mentally tired at the moment. School holidays are almost over for us and, this time, they seem to have been more about facilitating my now young adult children’s lives, than watching toddlers eat ice creams in the wind. 


I had things to pick up today for my eldest girl. She’s away just now, helping to fundraise for her choir, hard hit this last 17 months by the lack of paid performances. Nipping into the dressmaker with my mask on, I realised I hadn’t seen the lady in ages. We started to chat and she said “is it YOU?”.  Even behind her mask, her smile was huge and mine was too. It was so refreshing to see her and be greeted so warmly. I came out walking on a little cloud.

Next, the optician to collect my daughter’s glasses. A man I did not know served me and I was in there a good 15 minutes whilst he sorted a difficult problem. He was so caring and efficient.  Again, cloud walking for me.

I came home and nothing had changed. Still chief facilitator. But, for the time out, I was thankful and today it is my little reminder for you to do the same.

The smallest interaction, in the right place at the right time, can do wonders. If you’re struggling right now, perhaps you can at least struggle in a nearby coffee shop for 20minutes.  Or a library. Or a museum or gallery. Find a reason to ask a question. And I hope the small interaction might give you a tiny little boost. 


Love from

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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