If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

14 Jul 2022

I often heard my parents use this saying, but it was not until I was an adult, I really understood its meaning. I thought if something was not broken why would you need to fix it.

Changes are often seen as an improvement but what if a change is fixing something that did not need to be mended?

We are told we need to focus on what we have now not what we had in the past. What if the change makes us uncomfortable, we have difficulty coping?

There is a supermarket near us that often changes the plan of the shop when they have a new manager. I find it hard when I get used to one format and then it changes with no warning and take shopping much longer. Sometimes it can be a few items that change their location, and it can be frustrating when even the staff do not know the new location.

In the past we signed on and off where I volunteer in a book, now we sign on and off on the computer which one can forget, or some find it hard so they get others to do it.

Remember analogue clocks, you changed then with a battery and could adjust the times easily. Now with electric digital clocks, it is so hard to change for daylight saving that I just keep the time the same and remember to add on an hour!

Changes are inevitable but sometimes I feel it can make life hard.

The example I have used here may seem trivial but there are changes when things work well that affect people’s health and general wellbeing.

Do you agree with the saying? Do you feel things need to change and improve? Can you think of an example that proves the saying?


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