If you can keep your head

20 Jun 2023

This may never be used, but if I do not write it I will not sleep. And it is the first blog written from my new abode, which is lovely.

I need to keep my sense of proportion, and my very real belief that most of mankind is well-meaning. But I’ve had pretty awful things during the last few weeks, which with today’s potential shock has left me wavering and feeling a poor old lady who has had enough. In the middle of a very efficient computer move phone from house agent, problem arisen I needed to sign a potential ‘retraction’ avoidance. After 3 months since signing the acceptance they decide to check the drains. Same as when I bought the house 8 years ago, but the law changed in 2018, My house was probably 5 dwellings once, some drainage done before, and some after installing main drainage. I thought the buyer could NOT get out now without compensating me. But this drainage problem is a facer, gives him a loophole to get out without paying compensation, now I do not trust his honesty.

Then, ‘friends’! I had a very unusual spice rack, china made in Colditz over a century ago, People loved it, had it for sale for 100 euros. A friend said he would have it at that price then disappeared. They returned eventually, his partner then picked up and found fault with most pieces. Very aggressive I had to drop price, last day of sale. Then she had seen a glass-fronted bookcase, priced 70 euros, she’d like it. Then she said it was 10 euros (you have to be careful with French ones and seven). She knew that 10 euros was silly money, again, aggressive and as it was the last day I capitulated. 

The woman I have spoken of a lot over these last traumatic, tumultuous weeks, has shot her last bolt of mean-ness. She pleads poverty and hardness of life all the time, but I needed help and she was free of any commitments except once a week. She had use of my car for 4 months. That has stopped now I have moved. The last time she used it the tank was half full. It was returned to me nearly empty, not a word of thanks for getting her out of trouble (she had lent her car to her son, his was broken down and he has no money either). My lap-top has been stolen, and people were in my bedroom, did not know, they stole a little glass robin which I loved.

But people here are very welcoming, my second son came from the Alps to lend moral support, hang pictures and catch up on some lovely chats. We also shared an apartment here as I had sold his bed. Blackbird noisiest around, my view across church mini towers, across fields to trees on hill. A lovely white cat who spends his life trying to get to the chickens. ‘This too shall pass’ (the bad bits, who said that?) 

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