I'm a bit of a Chill Bill. Whilst I'd love those words to represent a cool, sophisticated, confident

23 Jun 2015

I'm a bit of a Chill Bill. Whilst I'd love those words to represent a cool, sophisticated, confident, carefree being, I mean that I feel the cold.

Today I had on my t-shirt, my fleece and my little puffy jacket on the school run (as opposed to the big puffy which reaches well below bottom length). There were people wearing sandals with bare legs. I had to make myself leave my scarf at home whilst others were being right out there and brave and exposing skin to air! I put the experience into my file marked 'Moments of Awe'.

I drove to my first stop of the day and had the little lightbulb flash. I was wearing a jacket, on a warm day, inside a car with windows up and would bake myself purple through window-tanning if given half a chance. I was trapped in a bad habit. There is only one way to deal with bad habits.

See the habit.

See the new habit.

Do the new habit.

I took off the jacket. I walked to my destination...at least two hundred metres, maybe three...wearing only the fleece. Now I can file myself into 'Moments of Awe'.

Unless you are a nun, please take a little look at your habits, good and bad, and keep only the good. Some habits are easy to drop (like the above) and some take years to change slowly, bit by bit. Even if you side-step now and then, just keep returning and walking towards your change. It will come.

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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