25 Feb 2014

One Moodscope member often quotes John Lennon and other Beatles' lyrics and today I heard Lennon's 'Imagine' on the radio. I thought of the Moodscope person (and wondered how you were) and the lyrics.

He sings that if there were no countries there would be no wars. Now whether that would happen I don't know. Who does, but what an interesting thought. He also says imagine if there was no religion too.

War and fanatical religion go hand in hand sadly. Religion is used as an excuse for war. (How on earth did that happen??)

I love everything about this song, the words, the meanings, the guitar, his voice and the way he sings it.

I spent a very happy few minutes listening to it this morning.

I almost felt empowered and liberated from everything that controls me.

I know other songs can do this for me, not many hold this position but a few do.

Words are so important and if expressed skilfully as Lennon and others do (I am sure you can name some more), they can break isolation and sadness, if only for a short while.

I felt calm and myself, almost cheerful.

I love language and its power to liberate our feelings and insecurities and I know for many of you, your mother tongue is not English, so today maybe some of you would like to tell us what are your favourite words, sayings, songs, lyrics, etc etc. In any language; we can use Google translate.


A Moodscope member.

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