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24 Jun 2023

Peace can have different meanings in various contexts. What I want to write about is inner peace within yourself. A Mind that is peaceful and at one with your body and the world in which you live

You may be sceptical and think this is unrealistic but I believe there are ways forward to achieving this goal. I will try to explain.

For some time now I have been wrestling with a problem that is personal to me. It is a relationship issue involving close family. In the past I have found the therapy of writing very useful so I decided to try it again. This what evolved as I put my thoughts down on paper. I used several headings:

1. Introduction

I wrote a short paragraph as if I was setting the scene for a third party to read.

2. Nature of the Problem

This included exactly how it affected me and why it was important to reach some resolution.

3. Options

I thought hard about all possible solutions and wrote them down even if they appeared ridiculous. I also recorded the pros and cons of each one. (in my example there were 3 possible solutions but there could be many more).

4. Conclusions

I had a few. Without going into detail my main conclusion involved showing more acceptance.

Significantly, I felt more content having completed this exercise. My Mind felt less troubled and more at peace.  

I believe that thinking about inner peace is vital to our MH. How can we help others if we are not at peace with ourselves?

Peace is an evocative word and worth keeping to the forefront of our Mind. It had been suggested we remind ourselves regularly by, for example, leaving a post-it-note on the fridge or make it part of our everyday self talk.

We need to make time to enjoy peace. Such as a few minutes of quiet sitting on a park bench. Stare at your surroundings and wholly embrace them.  

There are a few words that are synonyms for ‘peace’. The 3 I like the most are:




Just saying these 3 words to yourself can have a peaceful effect. They are great antidotes to anxiety.

Other ways of reaching for peace are:

*  Visualisation: Use your imagination, maybe even fantasise. Create a picture in your Mind that produces pleasant feelings.

*  Music: I still believe listening to music is one of the best “mood changers”.

*  Nature: Get outside particularly early in the morning or late in the evening. Appreciate the stillness and quiet.

*  De-stress: Take some time out just for yourself. Breathing exercises can help.

Lao Tzu an old Chinese philosopher said :

“If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future but if you are at peace you are living in the present.”

I wish your mind lots of peace.


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