In the room above the garage.

22 Mar 2016

Once upon a time there was a girl who did not know she had depression.

She was running free one day and smashed into an invisible thing. It was a glass wall. It hurt. She would look out at the world and wonder why there was a glass wall in front of her. Nothing could be reached, nothing could touch her. And the wall was very cold. She would cry.

One day she walked and found a room. It was above a garage. It had a large box in the corner with buttons. The box was magical. It had life inside. And paths. It led her into the world. It showed her words she understood. She realised there was a name for the glass wall and that other people had a glass wall. Some people broke their walls and it hurt them. Some people painted their walls the same as Other People's walls and hoped Other People would not notice. Some people decorated their walls and hoped Other People would notice.

The girl visited the room above the garage every day. In that room she could be free. She met a friend in that room who stood beside her and said "Now I know you, I will never not know you". Her friend didn't have a glass wall but her friend said they could share one.

In the room above the garage, the girl spent years learning about glass walls and how they are different depending on which bit of the wall you are looking through.

One day she wrote a story about glass walls. And someone read it and found it useful. And so now the girl keeps her glass wall in the room above the garage. She doesn't know if the glass wall will be hers to keep forever but she does know that she has somewhere to belong, in the room above the garage. And that makes her smile. And it is better than ok.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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