Inconvenience and Bliss

26 Jun 2022

Often the cost of a bit of bliss is a time of inconvenience. One of my favourite sayings is, “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean, but much increase is by the strength of the ox.” Any dairy farmer knows that cattle are messy, but also profitable. When that saying was written, it was oxen that pulled the plough. The hassle of mucking out the cattle was worth it for their strength harnessed to plough the fields. I’m sure, in modern times, tractors bring their own costs and hassle, but they get great results.

I want to encourage you today to push through a little bit of inconvenience in order to enjoy the reward. This thought was triggered by my last day of housesitting last Wednesday. Near the house is an isolated stretch of beach. It’s an effort to get to but well worth it. When I was down on the beach, I really fancied taking my sandals off to enjoy the sensation of the sand, but this was my early morning walk before work. I seriously debated whether I wanted the hassle of getting my feet dirty in order to enjoy the experience of walking at the edge of the incoming tide. After all, it would take time and effort to clean them afterwards!

Thankfully, I overcame the resistance to paying the very small price of the inconvenience incurred. My last early morning on the beach was worth it. As well as my walk, I stood facing the ocean with my eyes closed, feeling depressed but with my senses alive. The surrounding sounds of the ocean were magnificent. The touch of the breeze on my cheek, soothing. The feeling of the wet sand beneath my feet, freeing.

When we’re depressed, everything can be too much hassle. I get that. But sometimes it’s good to put up with a little inconvenience in order to enjoy an experience. For you, it may the hassle of the journey to get somewhere lovely. It may be the effort expended to prepare a good meal. It may be the strength required to do your hair, weed the garden, mow the lawn. If the effort is worth the result, may I encourage you to give it a bash today?


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