Interpretation and Expectation

21 Oct 2019

Any particular Moodscope blog, and it's comments and replies, can be helpful, innocuous, informative, annoying, misleading, frustratingly wrong, mischievous, puzzling, argumentative, harmful or totally inappropriate. Depends on your particular point of view. If you're looking for help they can sometimes be uncomfortable to read, a bit of a minefield, triggering old stressful events or amplifying sensitive feelings.

However, at their best, they inform, stimulate and allow you to improve your understanding and increase your box of tools for dealing with life's problems. They may offer a sympathetic response or raise a smile or give you that amazing feeling that somebody else really 'understands'. You may learn something new, consolidate existing thoughts: here there is a macrocosm of life experiences to read and engage with. I have found there is great support to be garnered from the many generous and honest bloggers here.

The Blogs often need chewing over to get the best out of them. Believe me, it's worth it.

Because we are not sitting together cosily I cannot see you or hear you. There are no audible or visual clues to help me interpret the nuances of your sentences. I cannot reach out and touch your hand so no clues there for how stressed or angry or tense you may be.

I cannot know if you don't send an answer whether this is because you are ill today, or irritated by my blog, or think it rubbish. I try to remember that the most likely reasons for no replies are that you are a very busy person and simply can't reply to everyone every blog. And, likewise, it is prudent for me to remember that not all the replies that are made will agree with my interpretation of the blog subject.

How I write the blog will skew the answers.

I am (still) insecure enough (or bigheaded) to be anxious there may be no replies . . . But this is not born out by my experiences :)))

Looking forward to broadening my horizons... come on in Moodscopers, let's have an active forum.


A Moodscope member.

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