Into every life a little fun must fall 

16 Oct 2021

Way back in 2015 I wrote about one of my best friends in the world. He doesn’t know he is, but he is. He has made a weekly delivery to my house, each Friday, for more than 20 years. We share the same silly sense of humour and, even on my darkest days, he has been a strong blaze of luminous joy daundering up my path. Our meetings last about ten minutes as he flings open the back of his van and I choose and pay.   


Today we discussed what our last meals would be if we were on death row. He finally opted for a starter of haggis bon bons, a main of extra cheesy macaroni with a crunchy top and a side of garlic baguette, then he’d finish up with chocolate ice cream. I’d go for a starter of scallops and black pudding, followed by my dear departed granny’s kedgeree, finishing up with my grampa’s trifle. 


We had a right laugh getting to our final choices. His broad smile and broad presence makes my day.   


And today, I thought you might enjoy the distraction of deciding upon your own death row dinner! I think I could be the next presenter of an alternative Desert Island Discs if this goes well. 


Happy Sunday Moodscopers!

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