Investing in myself

25 Apr 2020

Have you had that guilty feeling when doing something for yourself? I did, therapy... the money could be better used by charity, my kids, or saving the planet. Then last year something happened, a change in my internal dialogue.

Due to big countrywide change I'd been thrown back on myself and my own resources.If I didn't do it no else was around to do it for me.

'It?' I hear you ask.

'Care for myself', I reply.

I had always been able to care for my friends, my family, others that came my way, but I could not look after myself.

So I started, with the help and support of a good therapist and a good friend, who agreed to be paid. Gradually I am emerging out of the last breakdown, I am feeding and looking after my body for myself. I am keeping on top of finances with my friend's help once a month. I am allowing myself to look at doing something and back away if I am overwhelmed. I am allowing myself to be overwhelmed and complete a task by asking for help, choosing to share my feelings and be vulnerable.

Am I better, healthier? Probably. More honest? Definitely. Happier? I can hear my therapists words.


"Yes Content", I reply.

How do you invest in yourself?


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