Is it possible to overshare?

29 Dec 2019

When I was young, I remember one day when my dad and my brothers were at the beach. My dad didn't have his watch, so he asked people nearby for the time.

He started chatting and then he went through stories about us, his children, and my brothers and I are starting to bury ourselves in the sand as we were so embarrassed. He just kept on talking and we found out later the people did not have a watch either!

Many years later I was introduced to my new boss. Without giving me a chance to say hello, she told my colleagues that she knew all about me as a few weeks ago she had heard me telling someone on the bus, in a loud voice, my life story. I felt so embarrassed, I had become like my father and I was only 22!!

I want to ignore social media for this discussion, and just focus on our relationships with our family, our friends, our partners and look at what is too much information to share and what is under sharing.

I once had someone who I thought was supportive, say that I talked too much about my feelings and she was tired of it. I listened to her and her needs but apparently, I overstepped the mark. I never spoke to her again about anything.

Is there a limit to what we can tell others without over burdening them?

What do you feel about oversharing? Does it annoy you?

Or are you an oversharer?

Is there a boundary where you wish people did not share at all?


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