Is it so obvious?

15 Jan 2021

I heard my blogs described once as being about the obvious, but the obvious was not always obvious to others.

I hope that makes sense. I know my blogs are not deep and meaningful or full of big words  and complex ideas.

I have talked about wearing gumboots (wellies) and splashing in puddles, about watching toddlers learning to walk, about talking to machines, about feeling like a weed and many other simple topics.

Sometimes we overlook or avoid the obvious simply because it is always there staring us in the face. I am sure many of us have been looking for a solution when there was a simple one right in front of us.

Do you we take the obvious, the mundane, the domestic tasks for granted as we seek something that seems more worthy more highbrow? Complex ideas and words I do not understand are important, and I am glad we have such a variety of views on Moodscope.

When I first heard someone say my blogs were about the obvious or the simple things, I suppose I felt a bit defensive but I now see that is a good thing. I have mentioned my blogs as an example but would like the discussion to be a broader one about how you feel about the simple and the obvious and how sometimes we ignore something as it is too obvious.

In this world where everything is changing and getting complicated, I feel there is still a place for the obvious and simple things in life. Maybe you can think of a few examples.

Can you think of a time you forgot about the obvious whether it was a solution, thing, answer you were looking for and tell us about it? Do you think maybe we should look for a deeper way of expressing ourselves instead of the obvious?


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