Is It Time To Go Down Your Drawers?

29 May 2016

This morning, I took Lady Penelope up her coffee, only to find her surrounded by the contents of her memory drawer.

There were many treasures paradoxically forgotten since they had been hiding too long in the memory drawer.

Her Dad's cross. An auntie's bible. A picture for the Virgin and Child from another relative. A purse from our dear friend, Azmi (who we recently lost to cancer). An unopened Parker pen bought from Woolworths years ago. Every item was a catalyst that demanded a flood of memories, each with an emotional response. All the emotions were good – you don't get into Lady Penelope's memory drawer without a good reason – but many were 'sad-good' if that is possible.

I pointed out to her that, sad or not, these were important and significant emotions and memories. Those minutes spent mining her memories this morning were minutes well spent. We were also struck with the fact that when we move on up to Heaven, these items will mean virtually nothing to those who follow unless they invest some time in them too. We realised it was time to say, "Thank you for the memories."

So I'm wondering what treasures lurk down your drawers?

(Yes, I know, I'm laughing... mischievously!)


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