It doesn’t seem to get any better

21 Apr 2021

As you may know, for a while I’ve struggled and even more so during lockdown. I was hoping once I’d moved in to my new apartment and start a new job, a new outlook would emerge but this has not happened. I’m struggling and I don’t even know who to reach out to anymore. Every small task seems like a mammoth one. I tell my mom and dad how I feel but it doesn’t make me telling them doesn’t make me feel any better... I know it’s not their fault how I feel and it’s not anyone’s fault, however I do blame myself a lot for not being strong enough or able to cope. When does the fight, which I do daily, end?

I really can’t take much more of being a burden to people in general. And when I try to open up either I’m not listened to or just acknowledged then moved on, then comes the barrage of “Have you tried exercise?” Have you tried this and that... yes I have! Don’t you get it, I’ve tried and continue to try many things but it just doesn’t get me out of it! I’m so exhausted.


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