It’s a marathon, not a sprint

13 Nov 2020

How are you? If you think Moodscope members may be hard to cope with, you would find the politics of my op shop to be so stressful. We have The Board, then a paid Manager, an Assistant Manager, paid workers, then the volunteers and me, a newcomer, is at the bottom!!  I hope it all settles down as a new Manager is changing many things as, her boss - The Board, put pressure on her. 

It is a marathon not a sprint.

How many times has some stated the above phrase to you in one of its many versions?

Maybe you have heard different ones - ‘It is a marathon not a party’,  ‘It is a marathon not a sprint’, ‘It is a marathon, it’s meant to be hard’, It’s a marathon, take it step by step’, It is a marathon be prepared for setbacks’, It is a marathon not a sprint, be in it for the long haul’.


At the moment I feel I am in a marathon and I am getting near the finishing line, the end of this year, but I am like an exhausted athlete  not far from the  end of the Olympic marathon when he or she falls to the ground outside the stadium and can’t move. Everyone is cheering them on, but they cannot seem to move. They get up and then they fall over, and they try again.

Of course, my marathon is a metaphor, but this year has challenged me and many others, but why do I feel I am faltering emotionally just when the end of this year is in sight. I am still standing, but my emotions seem all over the place and I feel so fragile.


I want to know how others are feeling about whatever shape their marathon, whether it is a full marathon, a half marathon or the 400 metres - it may be the end of career, a relationship break or a terrible year? Are you taking it step by step to the end, or like me are you having a bit of a stumble?

I am ok. I just find it helpful to write about how I feel and hear others' stories…

I really want to hear your story, thoughts, and ideas. 


A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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