I’ve woken up from a long sleep. Or so it feels…

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22 Nov 2022

My scores on the Moodscope test attest to this. Thanks to the antidepressants (a low maintenance dose) I’ve functioned, but barely. I felt like that tree in Room above the Garage’s blog post, stripped of foliage ( energy), putting what was remaining into the humdrum. And not feeling joy.

But they have passed, the feelings of nothingness, of surviving on neutral or low gear. I’ve cranked up, from nowhere as far as I can make out, and am so thankful to have positivity and energy back. Little things are again beautiful, it doesn’t take much. Just as stunning the bud as the bouquet, the poem or the saying.

I no longer have my gratitude jar, an old plastic toffee jar with screw lid, into which I put little bits of folded paper enumerating the things I enjoy and am grateful for. But I might well start one again. The idea is, from time to time, you dip into it , and pull out a slip of paper and read something you’d written a while ago, or even recently. A sort of positive memory jogger, which tops up my positivity. It helped me in a physical way. Such a little thing. But such an influencer.

You might even try it, it’s a bit of fun, too!


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