14 Jun 2019

I like finding out about new acronyms since I wrote a blog about the word FOMO. This means fear of a missing out just in case you have not read my blog from long ago.

JOMO Joy of missing out which is feeling content with staying in and in disconnecting as a form of self-care.

I like that there is a word for JOMO as I feel many people do not understand the needs for some of us to not go out and just chill. This is not being rude, or lazy but what it is what is needed at times to stay well.

These words may be seen as just being trendy but I think it shows how there is a need for new words to be constructed.

FOJI - fear of joining in is another acronym and is a word I can relate to at times.

I have a FOJI about going to parties where I do not know many people at all and the ones I do know I do not connect with very well.

I have FOJI when on a conference call as I worry I will join in at the wrong moment by talking over someone. I sit and wait till someone says my name and then I miss my chance to have a say.

Do you find the use of these words and words like them to be annoying?

How do these words fill a gap in the dictionary?

Would you ever use one of these words? Have you ever created an acronym?

Mine is FOGO, fear of growing old.


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