Jump Up to Happiness

9 Jun 2019

Picture this. Close on one hundred serious businesspeople at a networking breakfast meeting. It's before the 9am watershed. Dr Hannah Beard takes to the stage – a wellness expert and qualified Chiropractor.

Hannah asks us where we think 'The Happiness Hormone' – Serotonin – is mainly produced in the body. One of us falls into the trap carefully laid for us and says, "The Brain!" Actually, it's the gut that produces the most Serotonin.

Allegedly, jumping up and down gets it produced very quickly too, so undaunted by our serious demeanours, Hannah gets us all to stand up, lift up our hands, and start jumping. (I have the evidence on video!)

After the collective jump-start to the day, she asks us whether or not our fingers are tingling. They are. This, she assures us, is a sure sign that the magic of Serotonin is taking effect.

Since then, I've been jumping around the kitchen each morning to this great Eurovision Song: https://youtu.be/iEEuG5XML-A - and just the sound of it now makes me feel amazing.

If you'd like more Serotonin – more happiness – in your life, this is only two steps away.

Step one: exercise. Jump, dance, run – especially outside in a bit of sunshine.

Step two: Carbs! Yes the dreaded carbohydrates are great serotonin catalysts. Whilst a bit of pasta and potatoes goes a long way to that happy tummy feeling, complex carbs offer a less hazardous route to happiness: sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, garbanzo beans (sound great, don't they), and apples!

Eat, jump, dance your way to better memory, greater happiness, and higher quality sleep.

What's not to love?


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