Jumping Janus

4 Jan 2021

Is it time for a jump to the left?

Or perhaps a step to the right?

I think I’ve had my hands on my head rather than my hands on my hips, and let’s not talk about the pelvic thrusts… that drives me insane*.  (*If you’re scratching your head wondering what the reference is, it is an adaption of the words to, “The Time Warp,” from, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”)


For most of us, I’m sure, 2020 was as surreal as, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” being both rocky and horrifying, and I certainly felt time was warped. Moodscope has been like a clock, a calendar, and a compass – setting a time each day, the date, and delivering direction. Our blogs have given a welcome rhythm to the week and the comments good company.


Willingly or unwillingly, it is time for change – some small and some huge – hence the jump and the step reference. January is named after Janus – the Roman god of transitions and beginnings. He ruled over changes from war to peace, and even over passages, doors, and gates (according to greek mythology). I see 2021 stretching ahead like a long corridor with many doors off the passage. Many of these will be entrances to new exciting possibilities, and those are the only ones I want to think about today.


Most images and statues have Janus looking two ways – to the past and the future.


I think we are going to need a new figurehead for 2021… and let’s call her, “Janet,” dammit! Janet is an upgrade on Janus, for she will need three faces – one looking to the past for the lessons we can learn, one facing the future with courage and a sense of possibility, and her new beautiful face focusing on the present – one day at a time.


I was delighted with all of those who responded to the “2020 Something Old, Something New,” blog so let’s not repeat that message. Instead, I would like us to chat in the comments about how we can be ‘Janet’ to one another, especially getting us through 2021 one day at a time.


I regularly draw strength and delight from the memories of the past our bloggers share – with the Gardener standing out as having had such a treasure house of exotic experiences that come to new life in her posts. That anchors me to a sense of reassurance that we will continue even if the world is changing. What are your most powerful memories that give you strength?


Off the top of my head, I don’t recall many future-focused blogs, so I wonder how we can reassure one another that there are better days coming? We need voices like Dr Martin Luther King Jr who will share bold new dreams. What are your dreams that give you hope?


And as for today, what keeps you strong ‘in the moment’?  I have spoken many times about rhythms and rituals, so I shall leave today with another thought: where shall I put my attention today to give me energy, strength, and encouragement? I know it is going to be on simple delights. For example, I simply ‘had’ to photograph the leaf-like frost patterns on the roof of the car this morning.


Let’s chat and do let me know if you are willingly planning a change – whether it be a large jump or a small step.


A Moodscope member.

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