Just for a laugh.

25 May 2016

A woman becomes an overnight internet celebrity after she made a simple video of herself alone in her car trying on a Star Wars mask. It is funny but what does it tell us about our society that over 70 million people have viewed it.

News programs want to interview her, bloggers are commenting on her video and its significance for our society.

I think it is lovely that a video of a woman with an infectious laugh has touched so many people but what does that say about our society. Is the sound of a woman laughing so unusual that we need to go to the internet and tell all our friends about it.

I remember when I first started taking medication people would tell me I was not much fun anymore and it was probably true.

I had done so many wild impetuous things when high, that I had forgotten to laugh and have fun.

As adults we are often worried about making a fool of ourselves in public, of letting go and releasing the childlike qualities within.

Seeing an adult woman have so much fun with a mask, is so reassuring in a world with so many violent upsetting images appearing daily on our screens.

Why don't we do more spontaneous fun things or do you?

What was the last thing you did that made you laugh long and loud?

What was the last something silly you did just because you felt like it?

What childlike qualities do you like in yourself?


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