Just get over it

25 Aug 2023

Those five words became very popular ten years or more ago, as well as the three words ‘let it go’.

It seemed many people saw themselves as a psychologist or counsellor or a psychologist by telling people with emotions of grief, disappointment and even trauma, to get over it.

The idea that people experiencing depression, grief, anxiety, assault, bullying or any number of emotional experiences, should be encouraged to move on, to forget their suffering seemed very unhelpful.

A few years after the black summer fires destroyed my home and shop, I had people tell me that I should not keep dwelling on the loss by telling people about what happened. I needed to let it go and get over it.

I will never get over it as it is with me every day of my life. I am not stuck in the past, but I know how it affects me and I learn to use what I have learnt to help others.

I feel that people need to acknowledge their pain before they can work through their emotions.

When one is told to get over it, let it go or move on, it does not acknowledge the time that is needed to work through one’s emotions.

How do you interpret Get over it, let it go or move on?

Do you find these words helpful or unhelpful? Why?

What words do you find helpful for someone struggling with their emotions?


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