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19 May 2015

Have you seen the Disney film "Frozen", an intriguing re-working of the Snow Queen story? We sat down with our elder daughter (23) to watch it the other night – a lovely, cosy family evening; what intrigues me is that both she and darling hubby picked up a strong message of depression from the main character, Elsa; perhaps this is not surprising, given that one suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), while the other suffers from frequent but short bursts of what we refer to as "bleaks".

I did not pick up this message at all; what I got was the sibling rivalry - elder daughter would not talk to younger daughter for several months, a situation (thankfully much improved now) which caused younger daughter and myself considerable sadness and, if I am honest, spoiled my enjoyment of Frozen as I relived the whole ghastly business.

This has reminded me that we can all view the same situation from very different standpoints – each one valid of course, but different.

When we are down, we can become fixated on our own negative viewpoint, and often cannot even acknowledge the existence of a different viewpoint – let alone believe in it...

I am particularly guilty of "discounting the positive" as Hopeful One so wisely pointed out to me back in March (3rd); (thank-you again Hopeful One!) Actually so are hubby and elder daughter now I come to think about it...

So I am trying to play the game "Just suppose..." as in:

• Just suppose that things are getting better (even if I can't see it),

• just suppose I will feel a bit brighter tomorrow,

• just suppose my feelings of inadequacy are passing through like clouds in the sky.

And if all else fails, I can always resort to singing "Let it snow" at the top of my voice!


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