Kaizen - the Zen of Success?

30 Jan 2017

'Kaizen' simply means 'change for better' but it's come to mean 'continuous' and even 'never-ending' improvement.

The word first captured my imagination when an inspirational speaker suggested that a 1% change in 100 areas was as impactful or even more so than 100% change in 1 area.

Today, I was dealing with some necessities in Dorking when I noticed a couple of lovely folk who clearly deal with life-changing disabilities on a daily basis. Whilst Medical Science is undoubtedly amazing, it may not find a 'cure' in my lifetime for the two issues these individuals lived with. So, for argument's sake, let's assume that some challenges in life are here to stay. Sad but true. In Covey's language, these insurmountable problems are in the Circle of Concern - the circle that contains the things we cannot change. We have to adapt to them.

Deeply moved by their situations, this really got me thinking.

What can I change?

And deeper still...

If I was to make 100 tiny improvements in 2017, what would they be?

It was if my subconscious mind had been waiting for permission to pounce! The ideas for tiny changes came flooding in.

Rather than fill up this page with ideas relevant to my own needs and opportunities, I wonder if you'd join me in the adventure? I can provide general headings to get you started and I am certain your subconscious mind will supply you with inspiration so that the mission objectives can be captured in mere moments. Are you up for this?

If you were to make 100 tiny (1%) improvements in 2017, what would they be?

- Physical improvements, e.g. health and home

- Emotional improvements, e.g. well-being and emotional intelligence

- Relationship improvements, e.g. friends and family, networking, or even romance!

- Mental improvements, e.g. mindset and mindfulness, perhaps even memory?

- Skill improvements, e.g. a hobby, a dream, a career-enhancing skill

- Financial improvements, e.g. changing the percentage of income you save or give

- Time improvements, e.g. the amount of time you give to learning or practising

- Habit improvements, e.g. those little things you know you could do better, and that, if you did do them habitually, would make your life so much easier.

My hope is that by simply listing 100 tiny improvements you could make in your life in 2017 - improvements that are under your control to do or to influence - your brain will get excited and energised by the opportunities. The doors will open for you.

Let me close by re-iterating the ease of this challenge. I'm asking you for tiny things; 100 tiny changes for the better. That's 'Kaizen' to me.


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