Keep rattling those chains.

12 May 2015

Depression has beaten me to the ground more than once, and it will do it again. But each time I have raised up and fought back. It has beaten me some more but each time I have stood back up. Even when I have sat in the corner of this metaphorical boxing ring, tearing my hair, not knowing what to do, just wanting the fight to end, I have beaten it.

I have been on Moodscope for about two months now. It has seen dips in my mood that have left me confined to my flat, a prisoner of my mind. But again I have escaped from depression's chains.

The point of all this seemingly self-praising talk is to show that it is possible. So when you look at that long wobbly line of ups and downs, on Moodscope. No matter what your 'all time low' is. Whether you've had extreme highs and then sudden crashes in scores or whether your score has been consistently lower. Look at the line and see those points that are jutting above the rest. They may be high above the lowest scores, as you've stepped out of a depressed stage. Or they may simply be a few percent higher than the scores of your depressed times. No matter the difference, remember they are higher because you are fighting and change is happening. The score may have only jutted up for a day before sinking low again, but it is still you pulling against the chains of this depression.

So keep going, keep rattling those chains. They will weaken! And one day, they might just break.


A Moodscope member.

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