Keep Smiling

13 Apr 2019

'She doesn't talk much does she?'

'She's shy - not like my others'

I smile.

'Don't be a sissy, big girls don't cry'

'You are too old for cuddles'

I smile.

'This is our secret time - you are so pretty'

'Let me touch you - it won't hurt'

I smile.

'Can I have a lock for my door? '

' You don't need one silly. You are not up to anything you shouldn't are you?'

I smile.

'You are a great mum - you don't need me. I'll only be gone a week. '

'I'll stay if you really need me'

I smile.

'You do a good job, but you wouldn't know how to deal with Management. Leave it to us'

I smile.

'We don't have any pressure relieving mattresses in stock'

'Perhaps your mum would be better in a hospice'

No smile. 'I need to speak to your Manager, now. Please. '

Wearing a smile can help lift your mood. If you wear a smile to make you feel better, which I often do, that's great. Wearing a smile for the benefit of others, that's often not so good.

What do you think? Social reciprocal smiles develop early in life and help bonding throughout life. It's just if smiles hide your true feelings and you don't let others close to you know how you really feel ... I think that has been at the root of my problems.


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