Knitting as therapy

25 Feb 2022

When I had written this blog, I then found that I had written a blog ‘What therapy suits you?’ back in March 2020. I don’t think I am repeating myself too much as that blog was more general and life has changed for us all in last two


When any would ask me why I was knitting in the last two years I would say it is therapy. So I was surprised that there is such a thing as knitting as therapy, but it seems very complicated and way over my head. I can cast on knit plain and cast off. That is the total of my skill set.

I do like collecting colourful wool, real sheep’s wool if possible, not acrylic. Charity shops are a great resource for odd balls of wool.


For me the therapy comes because while I knit I don’t think of other thoughts as I’m too busy trying not to drop stitches and get the yarn tangled in a ball of knots. Also, I find the rhythm on the yarn and the sound of the needles tapping is quite soothing. Sometimes I will knit for a few inches or centimetres and then undo it as it is not the product but the movement of the knitting.

These last two years, as everyone knows, has been hard in different ways for all of us. My mum was a talented knitter and crocheter which is why I didn’t do much knitting while she was alive. She had a room full of wool and knitting needles and patterns etc. When I knit my plain awkwardly shaped knitting with uneven stitches and tension, I feel close to my mum.

I know there will be very skilled knitters reading this, but I am interested in Moodscopers who have found something that is soothing that has helped them cope with the changes in last few years.

It maybe a craft, a hobby, physical activity, anything really.


A Moodscope member.

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