5 Jun 2023

‘Largesse’ is one of those perfect words for generosity. It’s usually applied to the giving of gifts or money, but I have met some ‘fully-paid-up-members-of-the-human-race’ who have ‘Largesse of Soul’.

These generous souls have a wellspring of life that pours out of them with generosity of spirit. My youngest son has always borne the hallmark of excellence that is largesse. He is thoughtful, empathetic, and kind. Last week, I went with him to see a band at the peak of their abilities. This was my Christmas and Birthday treat. The band was performing in London. The train drivers were on strike. Without missing a beat, my son said, “I’ll drive us.” He did, and it was great.

He gave me his bed for the night while he slept in the bunk bed reserved for his daughter and unicorns (though she wasn’t with us this night so he had only unicorns to contend with.)  His two kittens took a great interest in me… all night. But that’s another (funny) story – oh to have a cat sit on your face in the middle of the night is quite an experience!

Grace, thoughtfulness, kindness, resilience – are all qualities that express his largesse. With a world of media that seems to prefer focusing on human frailty, it’s lovely to meet a human that gives humanity a good name.

Let’s reflect today on the finest of human characteristics, and share an anecdote or two about people who have warmed your faith in human nature.


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