Lend me your eyes

2 Jul 2022

As much as my two youngest children are great kids, they’re still just 17 and can be as frustrating as a week old mosquito bite.  At times, it can be lonely living with them as I’m no longer what they need but needed for what they want.  (This is not a complaint, they are on track for their years and for development of the prefrontal cortex, and I’m sure I was exactly the same!)

Tired and jaded, after dinner I rebelled. Left the responsibility downstairs and took a tray to my bedroom. I’m very lucky to have double doors in my room and I opened them wide to the warm airs of summer and the sounds. The sounds!

The straight-on view from my bed is un-amazing. There is my lovely garden below but, from this floor, I mainly see a bit of a wall belonging to a house one street over. And then… I skootch over and look to the horizon. Now that is something. The hills are bathed in sunshine still. The trees up there are having sundowners and doing a gentle tipsy dance.  

It’s all ok. Maybe not always in my timeline but in that one. And that is enough. Perspective. My favourite word. It fixes most things.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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