Lessons from Nature part 2: Silly Goose

10 Jan 2022

Geese, it turns out, are far from silly. I was reminding myself of the value of the ‘V’ Formation used by Geese, Gulls, and Fighter Pilots. One wit said, “Why do Geese fly in ‘V’ Formation? Because it would be way too hard to fly in an ‘S’ formation!” Back to serious.

The classic ‘V’ Formation is a gorgeous triumph of behavioural aerodynamics. Each following goose flies slightly higher than the one in front. The result reduction in wind-resistance means they can fly for longer, using less energy – and thus boosting efficiency. When migrating, this can make all the difference… and aren’t all Moodscopers on the Great Migration?

Another bird that uses the ‘V’ Formation is the Pelican. The research referred to says that a Pelican flying alone has to beat its wings with greater rapidity resulting in a higher heart rate. This is great if it wants to lose weight but not good for feeling refreshed and unstressed. I think we have much to learn from this. A lone Moodscoper is an exhausted Moodscoper.

So, what is our ‘M’ Formation going to be? (‘M’ is a ‘V’ with stabilisers!)

Firstly, no Moodscoper has to fly solo. I’ve seen three ducks – when there were only three ducks together - fly in ‘V’ Formation. That could be you and your buddies, or you as a buddy.

Secondly, all ‘V’Formation flocks rotate the leader. I love that we have a different Moodscoper blogging each day. Our diversity is our strength. Thus it becomes clear that our commentators have favourite ‘V’ groups that they feel resonance with to comment upon… which segues nicely into…

…Geese make a lot of noise when they fly (which you’d think would use up a lot of energy. It’s like my blooming personal trainer at the gym I used to go to in Aylesbury. They’d wait until I was exhausted and then come and chat to me when I’m on the machines!!!) For the Geese, the energy expended must be worth it. My trainer was building the relationship. The reason given by many commentators is that Geese honk from behind to encourage the leader and the flock. Let’s keep honking! Honking, that is, at one another for encouragement this year!

“Let’s make some noise, people! Give it up for Moodscope!!”

Thirdly, the ‘V’ shape is ideal for keeping an eye on all the flock members. There are even some wonderful accounts of two geese leaving the formation when a member is down – through injury, sickness, or exhaustion. The two friends stay with the member who is low until there is a recovery, and then the three geese will join a passing formation. Moodscopers look after their own.

‘V’ is for Victory. Here’s to a year where we fly together, where we help lessen the burdens on one another, where we rotate the lead, where we honk encouragement to one another every day, and where we are prepared to take time out with a member who is down.


A Moodscope member.

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