"Let it Go!" Sing, "Let it Be!"

8 Jul 2018

The cows laid on the grass, and they chewed the cud for hours – ruminating. They looked at peace.

You are not a cow.

I am not a cow.

Ruminating on the same old thoughts for hours ain't that helpful. In fact, when we are feeling low, it is down-right hurtful.

Resisting negative ruminating – the equivalent of trying to repulse and repel negative thoughts – may be seen as the equivalent of singing Disney's "Let it Go!' However, the truth is that what we resist, persists, and gets stronger. Like "Frozen" – it will just lead to brain freeze and a stronger darkness.

So, what shall we do?

Let's sing instead with the Beatles, "Let it Be!"

Unwelcome thoughts are like unwelcome guests at the social gathering you are hosting. (Yes, I know, I don't do that either – but stay with the story...)

A great host won't make a fuss when these numpties arrive. A great host will let them be, but will actively choose to invest their time with the more interesting people at the party who are worthy of their attention. The host won't get the numpties a drink, won't introduce them to other guests, won't spend time with them, won't feed them.

Great hosts will shift their attention to the good guests.

Paying active and mindful attention to interesting and worthy thoughts activates the Task-Positive-Network – and that's a GOOD thing. The negative cannot be reinforced at the same time as a positive focus is actively pursued and strengthened. It seems we have a one track mind. So let's play a new song.

Thus, next time the numpties come, don't make a fuss, and don't give them any attention at all. Find a fascinating thought instead, and get that thought a drink and nibbles in the party of your mind. Play that new song... and sing along!

I rest with the Beatles: https://youtu.be/2xDzVZcqtYI


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