Let the bakers bake and the butchers butch.

11 May 2017

I live in a big house that has never been without a problem. The last eight years has seen a steady and constant stream of all the trades all lending their hand to this beautiful but troublesome place. Today a wall needs to be built and it is the turn of a joiner and an electrician. Finally, I think I have a little team who are masters of their craft and do a job in a traditional and learned way. I still hear how this or that has not been done the way it is meant but I also know I have trusted people who can help and push us another step forward.

As I boiled a kettle and set a tea tray (I strongly believe in keeping the workers happy) it came to me that we must approach this illness in the same way. Would I have a go at the electrical work needed in the new stud wall? I believe I could learn but I would not touch that job on my own. Electric shock? Nah. One hideous perm in the eighties was more than enough thank you much!

Please do not think of having one more day struggling onwards alone. Take advice. Trust someone. Take recommendations. Learn about different ways of approaching recovery. I've had to work through a few tradesmen. None were awful but plenty were more interested in doing a job rather than doing a good job. This is true too in our search for help with our mental health. Just because someone is qualified in their field does not mean that field is the right one for you. You can be choosy. It's just that when we are low we are both vulnerable and have far less energy to be choosy.

Having a trusted someone who is neutral can be the scales you need to help you get to the treatment most suited to you. In my opinion that is the hardest bit. Once you have taken that leap of faith, learned (sometimes the hard way!) and found something that works for you, it simply becomes a battle of keeping going at the times you least feel like it.

No home perms please. Learn from an electrician.

Love from

The room above the garage

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