Let your light shine.

2 Feb 2018

Turned 50 last May. Single. No children. I spent Christmas at home in London, recovering from flu and a chronic cough. Spoiled rotten by my dad, my siblings, and extended family (including best friends of my sadly deceased mum - 10 years ago this year). Love really is the best medicine.

At beginning of January I returned to Switzerland to my job in a private international school – receptionist cum secretary cum agony aunt – attending to 250 kids, their parents, and teachers. I joined the school in 2007 after being made redundant from my dream job as editor in a start-up interactive TV company, (pre-Netflix, BBCi Player etc). Remember when the dot com bubble burst?

Fast forward a decade and it's finally dawned on me that the urge to return to my creative roots has been nibbling away imperceptibly at my consciousness for years. Today I realised that the urge is my inner voice. And then I read the Moodscope blog 'I can feel a light Inside' (26 Jan 2018) and the penny dropped. My light is still glowing even after all these years.

Love from


A Moodscope member.

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