Let's get the show on the road.

31 Mar 2015

I'm sure that we all have our favourite sayings for getting us going on those difficult days. I would like to introduce you to one of mine – 'Let's get the show on the road!'

This originates from the US at the turn of the 19th century when circuses were touring around. I guess it has stayed in our language with the showing of movies and the continued popularity of the circus and of shows. I remember my mum using it too.

So for me, the show that I must get on the road is that of me, my two teenagers and, of course, the cat.

On mornings with a little flourish I throw back the duvet and get my feet on the ground. From here there is a dressing gown and slippers to negotiate. By this point though I am up, and I am sure many of you will understand how difficult that can be. I am still muttering 'Show on the road' as I make my way to the kitchen, maneuvering teenagers and cat, and setting everyone up so that they can get their shows on the road too. My road is now set up. It may only take me as far as the sofa and then the school run (in the car but I do change my dressing gown to a cardigan and slippers to wellingtons!) but I am on it.

I doubt if the acrobats, clowns and lion tamers of the 19th century circuses thought their rousing call would eventually end up being muttered in a 21st century bungalow by a middle aged woman with an interesting mental health condition. I am thankful to them however for creating it and hope this blog may encourage you to add it to your helpful sayings.

Right, off to keep on my road for today.


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