Life can be hard

17 Aug 2020

Just when you face up to your challenges things often get worse. Unfortunately I am faced with a major operation to look forward to later this year that carries a high risk that I might not come out out unscathed. Then I find out that I need another operation which fortunately is far more minor in comparison. Then, when, at a time that family should pull together our eldest daughter has decided not to talk to us and push us away, which probably means that we won't get too see our two year old grandson who incidentally needs all the help he can get as he is showing early signs of learning difficulties.

So I've decided to accept things as they are and to trust the doctors will sort me out. I remind myself to only focus on the things that I can influence but that's easier said than done. Yes it's going to be a difficult year but hopefully I'll come out the other side. It's a great shame our daughter has decided to withdraw from this situation that affects the whole family. Perhaps taking the charitable view she is so wrapped up with her own challenges that she can't see much further or perhaps it's denial?

Looking to the future I hope that in 6 months' time I will look at my health issue as a bad dream and that we will be talking again to our daughter. It's at times like this that you realise that life is short and things can change very quickly to turn your happiness into gloom and doom. The sad thing is that it often takes a glitch in the road to make you realise what good things that you have in your life and how much you take for granted.

We can't do much about health, take me for example, I don't smoke, eat healthily apart from the odd biscuit, I have given up coffee and alcohol and until recently was a fitness fanatic then bam! and your life is turned upside down. Why is it then some people go into a self-destruct mind set? Is there some other issue going on? In our case with our loving and intelligent daughter who has changed. I can only think there is a reason that would explain this but she can't see that and takes it out on her parents. I guess in times to come she will be able to seek help, look back on her past and hopefully recognise all the issues. What is sad is that I feel sorry for our grandson who is innocently caught up in this mess. As they say a pebble dropped into the pool creates a lot of ripples.

If mental health was more widely recognised and more socially accepted, people may more readily recognise their condition and be more inclined to seek professional help. It's always harder to see things from your own perspective.

Why does life have to be hard or perhaps that's the way that we choose to see it?


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