Life is a Balancing Act

29 Mar 2019

I recently attended a yoga weekend given by my favourite teacher. She reminded me of the importance of balance, and it got me thinking...

We are constantly told to eat balanced meals. Occasional treats are fine and can be very enjoyable, but we try to avoid them becoming ingrained habits. A piece of delicious homemade birthday cake is wonderful. Eating a whole Victoria sponge every day for lunch isn't a great plan.

Balance isn't just about standing on one leg – or on your head. It's about the balance between the mind and the body, the mental and the physical. They complement each other. A balanced mind can help you towards a balanced body, and vice versa.

Balance is also about keeping your body even, avoiding unbalanced habits.

So, I invite you to try a little experiment. Don't worry if anyone is watching.

Cross your arms across your chest, as in a defensive "that's that!" pose.

Now, uncross them, and try re-crossing your arms with your other arm on top.

The first time it's really awkward, and might give you the giggles. This gradually changes to the "this feels weird" phase, till, eventually, perhaps after many years, it start to feel quite normal, and you forget which is your "natural" cross.

You can try crossing your legs, sitting on the floor or a chair, putting the other leg on top or in front.

And now, your hands: interlink the fingers, making steeples with your thumbs and little fingers – now try interlinking the fingers with the other index finger in front.

Don't worry if you find this tricky. Give it a go, and to do what you can, with the body you have today.

Which foot do you put in your trousers (or pants) first? Which arm do you put in your jacket first?

These are all habits.

Focussing on balancing your body, might help to steady your mind, on difficult and on good days.

I wish you all a well-balanced day.


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