Lightning Strikes

2 Mar 2020

It has been an irritating morning. Up at about 4am with a flow of ideas and inspirations only to be thwarted by 'stupid' computers (plural). When the inspiration flows, I need to act fast or it is lost. My creativity is highly valuable to me but it is fragile and easily gone. 'Ratty' would be a useful Moodscope card for me but for now, 'Irritable' and 'Hostile' and 'Jittery' can have a '3' each!

Someone outside of our community, who I feel very cross with, crossed me again, and it was all I could do to stop myself from giving away too many pieces of my mind! Trouble is, when you keep giving people a piece of your mind, you eventually lose your mind... and your dignity... oh, and friendships.

I've been ratty for weeks, and oh so tired. However, I've also been soft-hearted and open to learning, and learning I am!

Today's learning for me was about lightning. I'm a storm waiting to happen. The grace that has come to me is that the ground has very little to do with the lightning when it strikes. It's just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lightning needs to go somewhere and the tall tree, tall building, or other target becomes the path of least resistance. It's not really the tree's fault, or the building, or the target of the strike.

The infractions of this person who has annoyed me are minor in the extreme. In the grand scheme of things, they are nothing.

The person who has annoyed me has annoyed me because I am already annoyed. That annoyance is rooted in something very different – in all likelihood a fear of the future and a sense of impotency. When I'm panicking internally it is all too easy to find a pseudo reason, externally, for venting my rage. The truth is, I'm frightened.

Lightning is a powerful force of Nature that could be harnessed for good, I'm sure. At this stage, I'm not sure where to usefully channel the energy and thought I would ask our members how they deal with fear, rage, anger, and frustration. I know this isn't a jolly blog like I usually deliver, but there is wisdom in our community that I'd like to tap into...

What are your recipes for letting go of tension, for letting off steam?


A Moodscope member.

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